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Labrador Male Private Seller 9 weeks
Posted 10 months ago


Black Labrador puppies for sale and ready for their new, living homes. All inspections and worming is up to date. Can also be seen with mother


, , NN11 8BP
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  • Research before you buy or adopt. Different types of dogs and individual dogs may have different requirements, personalities and temperaments. Be sure that the dog you are interested in is suitable for your lifestyle and environment.
  • If buying a puppy, consider going to a Kennel Club Assured Breeder. This is the only scheme for dog breeders in the UK with UKAS recognition. Buying a Kennel Club registered puppy means that you are getting a record of birth and lineage but buying from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder means that the breeder has personally been subject to extensive checks.
  • Download the Puppy Contract. The AWF/RSPCA Puppy Contract is free to download. It helps you ask the right questions and get the information you need to give you the best chance of buying a happy, healthy puppy.
  • When buying a puppy, insist on seeing the puppy interacting with its mother and littermates in the location where they were bred and reared
  • If purchasing from a breeder, you should only buy the puppy directly from the place where he/she was born and raised.
  • Always ask for a copy of the puppy’s medical records, including vaccination certificate and records of worming and flea treatment.
  • Currently in England, Wales and Northern Ireland anyone breeding three or more litters of puppies a year must be licensed by the Local Authority
  • Not only is having your dog microchipped now a legal requirement, it is one of the best ways to increase a lost dog’s chance of getting back home should they go missing
  • Consider insuring your puppy or dog in case of the need for expensive and potentially life-saving medical treatment

  • Register your new pet with a vet as soon as possible and book them in for regular health checks

  • Puppies being sold with a ‘fake’ mum to make it look like they are in a family home.
  • Sellers promising to post on medical or pedigree paperwork.
  • Puppies being sold that have been imported from abroad often too young and without the appropriate vaccinations.
  • Sellers offering to meet you ‘halfway’ seems generous but they probably just want to stop you knowing where they live or where the puppies have been bred.
  • People asking for money for pet couriers or deposits upfront without you even seeing a puppy, which might not even exist.
  • Sellers telling you that you can't see the mum because she's at the vet, or out on a walk.
  • Sellers saying "It's normal for the breed" about any health issues such as snoring or back problems - all puppies should be born with the best chance of living happy, healthy lives whatever breed they are.